Supercharge Your Online Merchandising
We convert your apparel catalog into inspiring outfit ideas.
About us
We generate coherent outfits on demand and at scale for any apparel catalog using deep learning and fashion knowledge graph.

We are a team of AI and ecommerce experts. We have previously built and drastically improved the core components of product search. We come from Stanford, UIUC, and IITs.
Shoppable complete looks
Enable native "shop by outfits" and recommend "ways to wear it" on item pages using outfits generated by our AI-powered technology.
Easy discovery and personalization
We add rich tags such as suitable body types and recommended occasions to make the outfits easily discoverable and personalizable.
One to one email marketing
Highly personalized one to one email marketing with your shoppers by outfit suggestions compatible with their past purchases.
Display ads creatives optimization
Create engaging and highly visual display ads automatically based on outfit ideas.
Three good reasons
Inspirations curated at scale
Drive engagement by providing inspiring outfit ideas to your shoppers!
Lift order size and retention
Tame the ever increasing customer acquisition cost by increase in the order size and customer retention!
Best in industry experts
Work with the team of experts with years of experience in building large scale AI-systems for online retail!
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